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Enter new personal project: As most of you who know my work you might be familiar with a portrait I took of myself in Paris when I had first turned 21, showing me as both a guy and girl. (Metaphorically speaking of course, meaning to show two very different sides of my personality).

History: While at one point I absolutely LOATHED the idea of taking a self portrait (Seriously used to induce panic stricken, sweaty palms behavior) I was once given them as an assignment. *Insert Panic Attack*. But as I started to create them, they really grew on me. (Art being an obvious form of self expression for me) I had never thought of using myself to show people exactly who I was (That may not make sense haha). The moral of the story is that I eventually found them to be a relieving experience, especially the portrait previously mentioned. But as much as I love that image, I knew the moment I finished editing it, it just wasn’t done. It wasn’t precisely what I wanted, it lacked something. While you can see the struggle between the two, in my mind it didn’t quite convey it enough.

Now: It’s the eve of my 23rd birthday, and I’m really ready to leave “22” behind. It hasn’t been an easy year for me, a lot of ups and downs, losses , conflicts, moves, (The whole getting used to living on a boat thing) etc etc. Overall not the greatest time. Recently I’ve been going through my past work searching for myself again. And what better way to find it than to revisit an idea that so accurately ¬†portrayed me at the age of 21. Enter “22” a self portrait expressing just how I feel about the past year. I’m going to start doing one of these self portraits every year for the next ten years, as a bit of a social experiment to see just how much I do or do not change. I hope you love them as much as I do, I’m looking forward to seeing “23” myself. (And I love the idea that I have no idea what the next 8 will look like). Stay Tuned.



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  1. I think it’s a brilliant idea. How can we expect to grow if we let go too much of the past? The album starts now.

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