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You are my sweetest downfall

Starved for photographic creativity I decided to tune my compositing skills. Lately I’ve been creative with everything but photography including decorating my apartment.. Which if you know me i hate doing. Ive been reworking shirts, visiting my fashion blogs way to often, and now its time to get back.

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Ain’t no rest for the wicked

Self portraits not much else to say… All images subject to copy write © Samantha Anaya

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Final 6: The Suicide King

This Lighting people class has finally ended, im relieved in the fact that well im on vacation now, but sad seeing that this was by far my favorite session while attending Brooks so far. I love love love love lovedddd this session. My instructors Paul Meyer, Chuck Place and Chris Orwig were nothing short of an AMAZING team. They all…

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Like a fat kid loves cake.

I shot two of my friends Sam and Keihla for my studio couples assignment. Thank you guys for spending so much time with me yesterday, although it was a long day i hope everyone had fun i know i did. This class, like the previous one has been kicking my ass royally (reason for the lack of attention ive been…

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“In order to be irreplaceable one must always be different.”

Finally this session is ooooverrrrr! Im so excited. I’m in dire need of a break after this session. The best part of this session besides finding the worlds best Cupcakery, was this shoot. These are out takes from my last shoot, we were assigned to shoot for a magazine of our choice. 🙂 I chose teen vogue, safe, familiar but…

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First Panorama

Not really a planed out shot… more of a last minute, can’t find the location i want, climb on top of my car, and shoot it so i can bring something into the computer lab sort of shot. Even though this isn’t the best panoramic, i’ll defiantly start doing more.

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There’s been very few images I’ve been proud of this session, and yes this is one of them. (thanks tony) The other ones will be posted soon. This session has officially caused my body to be overwhelmed with stress. So much that I have an intense lack of appetite, a neck thats so wound up its angry with me, a…

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Yet another post

My first real layered image And yes im obsessed with amazing quotes. Last post for today.

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A much needed break

After far to long of not posting anything new for my loyal visitors, or i should say visitor, (thanks taylor) I finally posted something new. This pictures a good 3 years old now, and while going through the archives of my thousands of images i fell upon this one. I’ve loved this picture from the moment i took it, but…

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Warhol-ing images

This assignment was absolutely ridiculous. Took me close to 4 hours and a huge stomach ache. Some might say it was worth it… Who knows. ©Scott hayes A polaroid from photo 113, All of the editing done by me.

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